• I am new to online learning, how does this work?

    1.View all of our courses 2. Select your choice unless otherwise suggested by instructor 3. Follow the few easy steps to enroll

  • Are the lessons live or recorded?

    All lessons are recorded, and material is made up of links, videos, audio, ebooks, quizzes, tests, jeopardy, bingo, literature, Q&A, and links to free live webinars when needed.

  • How do I make a payment?

    You may use all major credit cards, debit, prepaid, or your PayPal account. We use Stripe and Paypal; which is the top two secured processing merchants in the world. We never see your financial information. If you don’t have either mentioned above please contact us for cash options, we will write you a receipt, digital agreement, and give you a free key to enroll.

  • What Credentials do your company have?

    Our CEO is a Christian Counselor, College Graduate, Certified Life Coach, Continuing Psychology ( Behavior Analysis) Ph.D. Student. We have a team of Certified, trained, and licensed Mental health staff on call 24/7 for all trauma needs. Referrals, intake, and bridging. We affiliate with crisis advocates, law enforcement, and medical staff. Our firm is Licensed, Bonded, Insured and a LLLC registered in good standing in Arizona. We are a foreign entity in the USA and Mexico and have clients in 13 countries. We are shaping lives global!

  • How to contact administration?

    *USA 704-997-2520 *Mexico 52 646-293-0023 *Global WhatsApp 480-453-3676

  • How do I book a private session or webinar?

    Follow the counseling link in the footer below